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WashedAF Bundle (10% Discount!)

WashedAF Bundle (10% Discount!)

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- Power Soap 

- Max Wax 

- All Purpose Cleaner 

- Tire Shine 

- Glass Cleaner 

- 800 GSM Microfiber Towel 

- Microfiber Applicator 

- WashedAF air freshener (choose scent) 



Everything you need to get your car WashedAF!

Start with our high foaming Power Soap followed by the All Purpose Cleaner for your wheels and tires.

Dry off then use the Max Wax with our super high quality microfiber towel. (2 different color sides so you know which is the used or clean side) 

Top it all off with our long lasting Tire Shine and Glass Cleaner! (For more shine spray on tire and leave on. No sling formula.) For a more satin finish spray on and wipe into tire with our Microfiber Applicator. 

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